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I am Levan Patsinashvili, art director from Georgia and this is how I look when I am being asked to talk about myself



Faber-Castell  |  Print

Faber-Castell is renowned for making precise instruments. Bring this thought to life through visuals.

Mountain Hardware | Print

Series of print ads to showcase the collection, Mountain Hard Wear elaborates on how inside one of their sleeping bags you could feel really cozy.

CW: Thomas Joseph

Audible  |  Print

Listening to Audible’s audiobooks is like having your ears penetrated by immersive stories.

CW: Brave Prachuabmoh

Google  |  Integrated

CW: Brave Prachuabmoh AD: Hamza Hatim

Piacetto  |  Packaging

Translating Italian spirit into coffee packaging with emphasis on hand gestures as a medium.

Digital Chronicles  |  Illustration

Major historical events illustrated with their date numbers.

CW: Davit Babiashvili



2019 © Levan Patsinashvili